Ben Wolff grey footed pot
Ben Wolff footed pot

Ben Wolff grey footed pot

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  • wheel thrown "Milton" pot
  • #1: 4.25" diameter x 4" height
  • #2: 5.25" diameter x 5.25" height
  • #4: 6.75" diameter x 6.75" height
  • #6: 7.75" diameter x 7.75" height
  • every pot is stamped with Ben Wolff's name and a number which indicates the weight of wet clay used
Ben Wolff is a third generation local potter, based here in Goshen, CT. Coming from a long line of potters and artists, Ben learned at the hand of his father Guy Wolff, but has forged his own path and developed his own distinct language. You can find more from the Ben Wolf here. . .