I spent 20+ years living in West Chelsea, New York City, working in the fashion industry. 

I worked as a buyer, in merchandising and design management, for the most admired brands and with the most inspiring people. Absolutely, I had dream jobs! On weekends, I headed to the country—Litchfield, Connecticut—where I had a weekend house in one of the county’s small, rural hamlets. This hamlet provided me with rest, respite, community—and, the whisper of another time. A slower, simpler time. Inevitably, I found myself living for Friday evenings, and, Sundays evenings became increasingly difficult. I wanted more slow and more simple. Three years ago, I took a leap of faith, making the move to full time resident of these beautiful northwest hills.

I began hatching the idea for Milton Market about 5 years ago, making list after list of inspiring products and companies and ideas. The goal was to create a modern day general store. I wanted to double down on my sense of home and the beauty of everyday objects. I wanted to find special and unique products, to work with artists and artisans, and to seek out small brands whose values aligned with my own. I wanted a focus on simple, clean, seasonal and sustainable. 

Milton Market was founded in May 2019. We reside in the Cobble Court of Litchfield Center. 

Our building, once home to the town blacksmith, lives in one of the most historic and well preserved towns in New England. It is now home to Milton Market. Stop by for a visit.