black ebonized oak wood bowl
Spencer Peterman black ebonized oak wood bowl

black ebonized oak wood bowl

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  • hand lathed wood bowls made from upcycled oak logs found in New England
  • ebonized bowls are made using a natural wood-darkening process that allows a the natural grain to show through
  • the ebonizing process reacts with the tannins in the wood to create rich dark brown and black colors. Ebonized black bowls are made using a food safe stain made from vinegar and steel wool. This process goes back to the colonial days in New England
  • these bowls are made from oak wood, which is a sought after hardwood known for being strong, heavy and straight-grained
  • available in 10", 13", 15", 18", 21" diameter
  • ebonized with food safe traditional stain
  • hand wash with mild soap and water, dry immediately
  • season regularly with food safe mineral oil to care for your bowl 
  • made in Gill, Massachusetts