Schuyler Samperton

Schuyler Samperton is an interior designer and founder of Schuyler Samperton Textiles, whose work I have long admired. I was thrilled to meet her in the shop one day last spring, and to have her as a new neighbor in Litchfield. Schuyler answered some of our burning questions… scroll through to find out more. You can find Schuyler and her incredibly inspiring work on instagram here.

And by the way… we just received a delivery of pillows in Schuyler's gorgeous fabrics! In store and online.

We love your interiors work, what inspired you to create your own line of fabric and wallpaper?
Thank you for the lovely compliment! I love designing interesting spaces and have always included historical references and vintage elements to add character and warmth. The goal of the collection was to create a line that was compatible with that spirit - the prints are rooted in the past, but clearly comfortable in the present. We like to think of them as new classics - fresh, but familiar.

Pattern is your signature, but your color combos are so special, is this part of the development process that you enjoy?
Color brings me joy, and in my opinion, is one of the most evocative components in design. You can instantly affect the direction and mood of a space by the shades you choose, and I’m endlessly fascinated by interesting combinations. When designing, once I’ve landed on the pattern details, I love experimenting with unusual and unexpected blends. A recent trip to England was especially inspiring - the use of color there has always been fabulously unique and fearless.

We are so happy to have you in our community! What brought you from LA back East to Litchfield?
I was raised in Washington, DC, went to college right here in Connecticut, and lived in New York, so this part of the world feels like home to me. After years and years of living in LA, I succumbed to the irresistible charms of Litchfield County, and decided to make a change, thanks to a particularly lovely visit to a friend’s place in Lakeville. She gave me the grand tour of the area, and I was hooked. I love the natural beauty, the sense of community and the abundance of creativity. Admittedly, I do love the fact that the bustle of New York is so close, and I still have an office in LA, so I travel back regularly for projects. Urban chaos continues to be part of my routine, but I love the balance.

Has living in New England influenced how you think about fabrics?
Being in Litchfield, I’m so aware of the legacy of place. Part of our house is from 1828, and I’m constantly reminded of the generations who have gone before us every time I pass through our cozy sitting room with its squeaky, uneven floor or admire the exquisite, aging boards of the barn. History has always been infused in my designs, but lately I’ve been exploring more American and English-based motifs - geometrics, florals and stripes, all patterns with classic structure that translate easily to today’s aesthetic. But as always, I’ll add my particular twist!